The No Badd News Story

As a journalism student, I quickly learned I wouldn’t enjoy covering hard news–murders, fires and missing children. I enjoyed the “fluff”; the heart-warming, feel-good stories that usually are only sprinkled in mainstream media.

As a Detroit native, I understand how negative media can impact the spirit of a city. I refuse to accept the idea that there is just more negative events taking place than positive.

I started a news outlet for all the positive things happening in the world; especially my hometown of Detroit. During a dream chat with my uncle, Anthony Steele, the site was named No Badd News. BADD—a slang term that can mean good; it fit perfectly for the positive twist on news Steele wanted to bring forward.

The Goal

No Badd News was created for all the people that skip, turn the channel or shelter their children from the news because they feel it’s too tragic, negative, one-sided or inaccurate. The goal of this site is to restore communal trust with the media and counter those stereotypes with uplifting, positive, balanced, accurate and sometimes spiritual reporting.
Everyday positive things are being under-reported or overlooked in the mainstream press and it’s not all their fault. Unfortunately, the news media doesn’t have the time or resources needed to accurately cover EVERYTHING that happens. They have to make choices. The gripe is that too often they choose negative or tragic stories over positive ones.

For years, the news industry has built its bread and butter on sensationalism and the motto “If it bleeds, it leads.” It raises the question of if people are consuming bad news, do they actually want bad news?
Research performed by my staff says no. No one likes to hear bad news and no one likes to report bad news. That’s where I come in. (Wink. Wink.)
No Badd News is about highlighting the stories you can celebrate, take pride in and smile about.

You don’t have to forfeit happiness to be informed.

At NoBaddNews.com, you can Stay Informed and Stay Happy.